Step 1 - Your appointment

The first part in the process of your contact lens trial is to have the appropriate checks with the Optometrist. This allows us to assess the health of your eyes as well as how well you can see. The Optometrist will discuss your lifestyle, and put it together with this information to recommend the best lenses for your needs.

Which appointment do you need?

If you have had an eye examination within the last 2 years you don’t need to have another one, you will just need an appointment for a contact lens fit. If you had your eye examination with us, we will have your details. If you had your examination somewhere else, you will just need to bring a copy of your prescription to your appointment with you.

If you have not had an eye examination within the last 2 years you will need an eye examination and contact lens fit appointment.

Step 2 - Application and Removal

Once you have had your contact lens fit with the Optometrist and have chosen which lenses you will be trialling, one of our experienced team will take the time to show you;

  • How to apply and remove your lenses
  • How to clean and store your lenses (if applicable)
  • How to care for your lenses
  • Explain do’s and don’ts of lens wear

Step 3 - Trialling them at home

Once you are confident with taking care of your lenses, you can take them away with you. We usually recommend wearing them at home for a week before coming back for a follow up. This allows you to assess things such as the comfort, the vision and how they fit into your lifestyle.

Step 4 - Follow up and supply

After trialling the lenses at home, you will see the Optometrist for a follow up. This will allow them to discuss with you how the lenses have been, and make any adjustments necessary.

You can then decide whether you would like to be part of the Optiplan to manage your supply, or if you would prefer to purchase them as and when you need them.